CDP – Customer Data Platform

If you are looking for a CDP – Customer Data Platform system, then you have come to the right place.

Through intelligent use of data, SALESmanago helps you automate and personalize your marketing.

Get access to this CDP/CDXP system so you can boost the sales of your products or services in your webshop.

CDP - Customer Data Platform for webshops
  • 360˚ customer profile
  • AI segmentation
  • Advertising campaigns

CDXP, CDP and marketing automation

CDP – Customer Data Platform is the term most marketers use for a system like SALESmanago. However, SALESmanago is officially designated as a CDXP- Customer Data & Experience Platform system, because it is a further development of a regular CDP system. However, the most important thing is not the name of the system, but what it can do for you.

Built into SALESmanago you will find, among other things:

  • Customer profiles based on user behavior
  • Automatic customer segmentation
  • Marketing automation tools
  • E-mail marketing modules
  • Possibility of setting up omnichannel campaigns

Customer focus
with CDP

With a CDP system, you automatically get more focus on current and potential new customers in your webshop. Based on data on purchasing and user behavior, you can automatically segment and group your customers and users with a CDP system such as SALESmanago. The good thing about the system is that you don’t have to spend time on difficult data analysis at all, but get segmentation delivered using AI technology. With this, you can focus your inmate on setting up the personalized advertising and marketing campaigns that produce the best results.

The known SALESmanago customers

SALESmanago is used by many world-renowned brands and companies to boost their e-commerce. If you also want to take your webshop’s sales to new heights, take a look at what the best are doing.

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En Customer Data Platform (CDP) with artificial intelligence

As a certified Diamond Partner, Seomondo offers SALESmanago’s CDP system with AI technology for Danish webshops. SALESmanago’s CDXP/CDP system uses artificial intelligence for both data processing and execution of marketing automation measures.

Elements in the CDXP/CDP system

SALESmanago offers a wealth of marketing functions and application possibilities. To give an overall overview of what the CDXP/CDP system actually does, read more about the 3 basic functions here.

360 degree customer profile icon

360˚ customer profile

Based on customer data and user data, a 360˚ customer profile is prepared using artificial intelligence for each customer and the register used. Based on online behavior and purchases, customer data is enriched so that it can be used to personalize marketing efforts.

AI segmentation icon

AI segmentation

SALESmanago provides automatic segmentation of customers and users using AI technology. Segmentation can be used to set up very specific criteria for marketing to selected target groups.

Advertising campaigns icon

Advertising campaigns

The entire database, the segmentation and the setting up of criteria for displaying content means that with SALESmanago you can build very effective personalized advertising campaigns. SALESmanago can be used on ordinary websites, but is specifically suitable for webshops because the sales effect can be directly measured here.

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Last updated: 15th June 2023