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Get a marketing tool out of the ordinary. SALESmanago offers one of the market’s most modern and effective marketing automation systems for webshops worldwide.

Compared to many competing CDXP/CDP systems, SALESmanago is available for a much lower price. Contact us at Seomondo to find out more about how marketing automation can boost sales in your webshop.

Marketing Automation - Increase sales in the webshop
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Email marketing

One of the most effective ways to use marketing automation is through email marketing. If you first have approval to send emails, you have the option of direct and personal communication with customers and potential customers. Below we give a few suggestions for the overall e-mail marketing methods that you can use using the SALESmanago CDXP/CDP system.

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Newsletters are ideal for maintaining high customer loyalty with existing customers, e.g. make them aware of new products and initiatives in your webshop. Although far from all newsletters are read, they nevertheless catch the customer's attention for at least a short moment. Newsletters help to keep your webshop in the minds of customers and create curiosity among the recipients. The result is usually an additional sale to existing customers.

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Not all customers are equally loyal to your company. Many go for the good deals and few of them don't like getting a good deal. SALESmanago's marketing automation functions provide, among other things, option to send personalized offers by email to customers and users in your webshop. Eg. you can issue discount codes or special offers to automatically generated and defined target groups. A lower price for a limited time is one of the best methods to get people to buy.

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Service messages

In order not to appear too intrusive, promotional offers can be disguised as service messages. One of the most used and effective methods is to remind people about the expiration of a subscription or a special offer. It can also be a reminder per email about an abandoned basket. If the reminder or service message contains some kind of extra discount or personal discount, then the effect is higher. SALESmanago gives many others the opportunity to send promotional and non-promotional service messages via email.

Omnichannel marketing

With omnichannel marketing, you strengthen your marketing towards potential customers. Using SALESmanago’s AI data analysis, your omnichannel marketing campaign can be targeted at prospects who are most likely to buy something. You can thus display personalized content across several marketing channels for selected topics.

Strengthen your marketing message by using different media and communication channels in your marketing. When you organize your omnichannel marketing campaign, you can e.g. choose to use social media, messaging service and other media.

SALESmanago marketing automation

SALESmanago gives you the opportunity to build a personalized communication strategy. With the setup of automation rules, you can e.g. build an effective omnichannel marketing automation campaign far better and faster than in other systems. Here are a number of the benefits that e-commerce platforms can benefit from with SALESmanago’s CDXP system.

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In online marketing, it is primarily about converting as many users into customers as possible. In webshops, it is even more measurable what good marketing campaigns can do. For the same reason, SALESmanago gives you statistics on the number of conversions and sales volume, which can be directly attributed to your marketing automation campaigns.

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Live personalization

One of the many things that makes SALESmanago's Customer Data & Experience Platform unique is that your webshop can be personalized. Based on web behaviour and transactions, you can e.g. ensures that the products displayed are the ones the user is most likely to be interested in buying. Take your marketing automation to new heights with live personalization.

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Customer loyalty

Loyal customers are worth their weight in gold. Many companies spend a lot of energy and resources on acquiring new customers, but often forget to service existing customers. It is no different in webshops. By setting up marketing automation rules in SALESmanago, you can ensure that existing customers are contacted and receive personalized offers at the right time. You can e.g. systematically ensure that customers buying the same goods each 14 days approx., receive a service message that the products are available and ready for delivery. This creates customer loyalty and additional sales without the customer being tempted by other competing offers.

Is marketing automation something for you?

Marketing automation is for everyone. You save resources on standard tasks and can focus on continuously improving and optimizing your marketing campaigns with new exciting creative personalized marketing initiatives. The question is, however, whether SALESmanago is the right marketing automation system for your webshop. We can quickly find out if you book us for a non-binding demo meeting.

Contact Seomondo

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Last updated: 15th June 2023