SALESmanago is a CDXP (Customer Database & Experience Platform) system for webshops. By intelligently using customer data, SALESmanago helps you with personal marketing to your customers and users, so you can achieve additional sales in your webshop.

Seomondo ApS is a certified Diamond Partner and dealer of SALESmanago in Scandinavia. Contact us and hear more about how to boost sales in your webshop with the SALESmanago CDXP system.

CDXP background
Boost your e-commerce sales with SALESmanago CDXP
  • Personal marketing
  • Additional sales
  • Happy customers

What is CDXP?

The reason why SALESmanago is a CDXP (Customer Database & Experience Platform) system is that it can do much more than a CDP (Customer Data Platform) system. In fact, SALESmanago is a CDP and Marketing Automation system in one. This means, that the CDXP system not only collects customer and user data, but using Al-technology it analyses and uses data in personalized marketing automation campaigns.

CDXP is the new generation of marketing automation. Use the SALESmanago CDXP system to take your e-commerce to new heights. Contact us and hear how.

What can SALESmanago be used for?

SALESmanago can be used in a multitude of ways to market and profile your webshop. Here we give you a few examples of personalized marketing automation campaigns that you can set up in the CDXP system.

Subscribe to newsletter icon

Subscribe to newsletter

Get more customers and users to sign up for your newsletter with a pop-up. Set up the criteria for a pop-up registration form in SALESmanago.

Web Push campaign icon

Web Push campaign

A Web Push campaign can be set up for different purposes. As an example, it can help to profile products that a user has shown interest in.

Win-back campaign icon

Win-back campaign

You can extend your customers' life cycle with win-back promotions. It can e.g. be by sending an email with a discount code to your webshop.

Abandoned aLeft cart campaign iconbasket campaign icon

Left cart campaign

Approx. 70% of all shopping charts are left in webshops. With a left cart campaign, you can get more customers and users to reconsider their purchases.

Resale campaign icon

Resale campaign

If your product is often repurchased after a certain period, then you can create a personalized resale campaign. It is always worth going after a resale.

Additional sales campaign icon

Additional sales campaign

With SALESmanago you can create effective additional sales campaigns for existing customers who are happy to shop in your webshop. Additional sales are always good.

Cross sell campaign icon

Cross-selling campaign

As an e-commerce business, you have the best control over which complementary items you can sell to a customer. With SALESmanago you can automate this process.

Personalized banner icon

Personalized banner

Do you have a specific message or offer for different target groups? Then in SALESmanago you can use a personalized banner ad for this purpose.

Phone contact pop-up icon

Phone contact pop-up

Offer potential customers a call with a phone contact pop-up. This pop-up can e.g. be used if a user does not complete a purchase.

Subscription renewal icon

Renewal of subscription

Do not miss a subscription renewal. In the CDXP system you can set up automatic sending of reminders via email or SMS.

Welcome program for customers icon

Welcome program

Welcome new customers and people who sign up for newsletters. With SALESmanago, setting up welcome emails can be done completely automatically.

Lead care icon

Lead care

Lead care can e.g. be used when a user has view certain types of products without making a purchase. Then you can provide lead care by submitting a relevant product comparison.

Contact us to hear more about this and other smart direct promotional marketing methods the SALESmanago CDXP system offers.

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Add a little magic to your marketing

Your success depends on your sales. In a webshop, there are many things that need to be in place before you can be successful and achieve a sale that you can be happy with. Marketing to current customers, potential customers and users is often the most important key to succeeding in e-commerce.

With SALESmanago you can add a little magic to your marketing. The CDXP system’s built-in AI technology can among other things be used to personalize your marketing. Customers can get offers based on which products they have previously shown interest in, they can get a reminder of a cart left behind and much more.

Using email marketing based on criteria is very effective tool that can be easily and clearly used for targeting campaigns. Likewise, SALESmanago can be used for omnichannel marketing, so customers and users can be reminded of the good offers in your webshop on social media, apps, websites, etc.

Plug-and-play installation without coding

If you have chosen to buy or try out SALESmanago for free, you can install it quickly and easily in your webshop. You can install a SALESmanago plug-in in all known shop systems in minutes and be up and running. Below you can see the many different CRMs and webshop systems for which there are plugins.

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Support and consulting

When you choose to buy a CDXP system, like SALESmanago, it is important that you use it actively right from the start. Together with SALESmanagos skilled supporters, Seomondo will help you get started with the system. You will both be offered individual counseling, as well as be able to participate in various online courses and webinars.

All parties are interested in SALESmanago becoming a good investment for your webshop. Therefore, employees who use the system must be trained and know the many opportunities that it offers. If your company chooses a 30-day non-binding test of the system, we will already there actively helping you to set up campaigns and test if the system is something for you.


Continuous development of CDXP system

Today, over 3,000 customers in 50 different countries use SALESmanago to boost their webshop sales. In order to retain and continuously gain even more customers, constant product development is necessary. SALESmanago therefore invests large sums and spends a lot of IT resources on continuously developing and improving SALESmanago. It is not without reason that many of the world’s biggest brands have chosen SALESmanago for handling their customer data and marketing automation in their webshops.

However, SALESmanago is very suitable for both large and medium-sized webshops. If you have a small webshop and big ambitions for growth, you are of course also welcome to contact us. At Seomondo, we can quickly assess whether the SALESmanago CDXP system is suitable for your webshop. Have a non-binding talk with us about preconditions, goals, budget and additional sales opportunities.


About SALESmanago

SALESmanago is one of the world’s fastest growing marketing technology companies. Their head office is located in Cracow, Poland and they have several offices around Europe as well as in New York. The company has over 300 employees, primarily marketing specialists and IT staff. SALESmanago collaborates with marketing and web agencies in over 50 countries. The local agencies sell and offer support to manage the SALESmanago CDXP platform.

In Denmark, Seomondo is the only certified SALESmanago Diamond Partner. Therefore, it is natural that Danish e-commerce companies and webshops contact us at Seomondo to hear more about SALESmanago. You are of course also welcome to visit SALESmanago’s website for more info.

Last updated: 15th June 2023