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  • Listen to and sincerely understand your customers
  • Build customer relations, loyalty and trust
  • Provide superior omnichannel personalization

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Boost your e-commerce with SALESmanago

Take your webshop marketing to new heights with SALESmanago. With this innovation CDXP system, customer data is processed and used in personalized marketing automation campaigns. Contact us to hear more or try the system here and now.

Seomondo Diamond Partner reseller SALESmanago

Seomondo is a Diamond Partner

Seomondo is a certified Diamond Partner dealer of SALESmanago. We not only offer a unique CDXP system (Customer Data & Experience Platform) but also provide support and guidance on how you can boost your webshop sales.

A unique marketing tool

SALESmanago is not just a regular CRM system or an email marketing system. It is a system that integrates many different data processing techniques and marketing automation functions into one system.

We use the term CDXP (Customer Data & Experience Platform) and this means that it is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) and marketing automation platform in one.

Benefits of using a CDXP system

Especially for webshops using a CDXP system it can help boost sales. Contact Seomondo and find out how a CDXP system can:

  • Manage your customer data
  • Process customer data
  • Personalize marketing
  • Customize offers online
  • Display data-selected products
  • Send personal newsletters and offers
  • Conduct omnichannel marketing
  • Integrate a AI chatbot
  • Add many other smart features

What SALESmanago does for you

Here you get a clear overview of what SALESmanago does and how it can help you in the marketing of your webshop.

Customer data icon

Customer data

With SALESmanago, you get much better control of your customer data and user data in your webshop. With our CDXP - Customer Data & Experience Platform solution, data about customers and users is automatically used for personalized marketing. This way you boost your e-commerce and increase your webshop's sales. Contact us for more info.

Personalization icon


If you are looking for a system for personal marketing of your products, talk to us. With a SALESmanago CDXP solution, customer data is automatically used for personalization of offers, communication, display of selected products in your webshop and much more. Take your webshop sales to new heights with personalized marketing.

Custom offer icon

Customized offers

Most consumers go for great deals. With SALESmanago, your e-commerce customers and users can get a customized offer on items that they have previously shown interest in. If your webshop sells goods or services that are often repurchased, you can also automatically offer the product to the customer again after a defined period.

Email Marketing icon

Newsletters and mails

One of the cornerstones of the CDXP - Customer Data & Experience Platform solution is the use of newsletters and email offers. Offers and other marketing material are sent out automatically using SALESmanago's built-in marketing automation system. You can use mail, SMS, omnichannel etc. in your marketing.

Omnichannel icon


Omnichannel marketing is used by many of the major e-commerce platforms. With SALESmanago you can also access this highly effective form of marketing. With omnichannel marketing, you can show personalized advertisements from your webshop in the relevant places that your customer or user visits.

CDXP consulting icon

CDXP consulting

SALESmanago's effective CDXP solution for webshops requires a good setup to work optimally. Therefore, Seomondo offers CDXP advice and support to all customers. New customers get 1 month free trial of SALESmanago. Contact us to hear more about how to increase sales in your webshop with a CDXP solution.

What is CDXP?

CDXP stands for Customer Data & Experience Platform. CDXP is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) and a marketing automation system in one. CDXP is especially suitable for being used by e-commerce companies and webshops.

Definition of CDXP – Customer Data & Experience Platform

CDXP (Customer Data & Experience Platform) is the latest generation of CDP (Customer Data Platform), where the use of customer data is combined with a marketing automation system. With a CDXP system, you do not have to spend time analysing data. Instead, you set up rules for how data should be used for automatic personalized marketing. CDXP is especially suitable for improving and targeting marketing to customers and users of e-commerce solutions. The effect of the use of CDXP is measured among others in the form of derivative sales in webshops.


Definition af CDP – Customer Data Platform

CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a customer database where data from different sources is used to form a customer profile for each customer. Customer data from CDP systems is then used for customer and target group segmentation. CDP data is ultimately used to tailor marketing to existing and potential customers.


Definition af Marketing Automation

Marketing automation a software platform that allows you to automate and personalize your marketing to existing and potential customers. A marketing automation system makes it possible to market companies or products via various communication channels e.g. mail, social media and SMS.


Industries where CDXP is particularly effective

A CDXP system like SALESmanago is particularly suitable for webshops. Here we have selected a few industries where a Customer Data & Experience Platform is particularly effective, but there are many others.

Fashion icon


In the clothing and fashion industry, it is obvious to use a CDXP system. Many women and men are interested in fashion and would like to follow new trends and get offers from fashion companies and brands that they know. Webshops within fashion, jewellery, watches and the like will most often benefit greatly from using a system such as SALESmanago.

Travel plane icon


Everything within the field of selling travels online is suitable for the use of a Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP). No matter if you sell holiday travels, charter travels, airline tickets, ferry tickets or hotel accommodation, you should consider investing in a CDXP system. The interest in good offers for travelling is enormous.

Beauty icon


E-commerce with beauty products and sales of beauty treatments online are on the rise. Many large chains in the beauty industry have already found out about using CDP (Customer Data Platform) and marketing automation in their marketing. Now you can also get on the bandwagon and try out the next generation of marketing automation free of charge.

Finance icon


In the financial industry, it is mostly about money and good investments. The same applies when we sell SALESmanago's CDXP system. Many large lending companies, banks, financial institutions and other companies in the financial sector have invested in the use of SALESmanago - They would not have done so if it was not good investment.

Media icon


In the media industry, large sums are spent on sales and marketing. Print media such as newspapers, trade magazines, magazines as well as streaming services and online media all make use of online marketing. With SALESmanago's CDXP system, media companies can e.g. use marketing automation and omnichannel marketing to sell subscriptions.

Sports and leisure bicycle icon

Sports and leisure

Many people spend their free time on sports or a hobby. For the same reason, e-commerce is underway within e.g. sportswear, bicycles, fishing gear and knitwear. Webshops in the sports and leisure industry can advantageously personalize and improve their marketing to their customers with CDXP (Customer Data & Experience Platform).

Customers who successfully use SALESmanago

Here you can see a selection of well-known companies and brands that successfully use SALESmanago's efficient CDXP system.

  • Data Talks logo
  • New Balance logo
  • NBC Sports logo
  • Oriflame logo
  • Rainbow logo
  • T-mobile logo
  • Vodafone logo

Marketing Automation campaigns for webshops

SALESmanago's CDXP solution has incorporated a wealth of different types of marketing initiatives that you can take advantage of in your webshop. Here you get an overview of those we find most interesting, but as a customer you can choose freely between these and many others.

Marketing Automation icon

Marketing automation

With SALESmanago's built-in marketing automation system, you set up rules for personalized offers and news for users and customers. It takes knowledge and insight to set up an effective marketing automation campaign, but we will help you with that. When the first positive effects appear, you can continuously optimize your campaign and thereby massively boost your webshop sales.

Marketing Automation
Email Marketing icon

E-mail marketing

SALESmanago offers an email marketing system where automatic use of customer data and marketing automation processes is built-in. You therefore only need one system to send out personalized newsletters or offers to your existing and potential new customers. Email marketing can e.g. is used to send out a special offer on products that a webshop user has shown interest in.

Email Marketing
Omnichannel Marketing icon

Omnichannel marketing

In SALESmanago's CXPD - Customer Data & Experience Platform, there is also a possibility of omnichannel marketing. The marketing of a product can thus be extended to include social media, apps, websites, etc. which the potential customer visits. Omnichannel marketing offers plenty of opportunities to secure exposure to those who have already shown interest in a product.

Omnichannel Marketing
 Mobile Marketing icon

Mobile marketing

Intelligent mobile marketing can also be a smart way to boost your sales. Not everyone thinks it's ok to receive advertisements via SMS. Still, friendly reminders via SMS can be a crucial factor for a sale. With SALESmanago, you can also set up mobile marketing campaigns that are not excessive, but serve as a service message to your customers and users.

Web Push icon

Web Push

One of the many smart features SALESmanago offers is Dynamic Web Push. Thus, you can profile and display the products that the user will most likely be interested in, in your own webshop. With web push, the user is automatically shown personalized content and automatically selected products in your webshop. You can create different templates for your web push campaigns.

Live chat icon

Live chat

Live chat in a webshop is an excellent idea. However, it is the fewest webshops that can afford to staff a live chat with competent employees around the clock. SALESmanago's CDXP system therefore offers to connect an AI chatbot to your webshop. The built-in artificial intelligence (AI) makes the chatbot smarter for every inquiry. Provide a better customer experience with AI live chat.

Plug-and-play integration to webshop system

SALESmanago can easily be integrated into virtually all known webshop systems. If your webshop system is not visible here, do not despair, we will most likely make SALESmanagos work in your webshop as well.

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Watch information videos

Watch these SALESmanago videos for more information on this innovative and efficient CDXP system.

SALESmanago intro video

SALESmanago intro

Using CDP - Customer Data Platform video

Use of Customer Data Platform

New SALESmanago functions video

New SALESmanago functions

This is why you should select SALESmanago’s CDXP-system

  • Raise your webshop sales to new heights
  • Get an all-in-one CDXP system at a good price
  • Save time on analysing customer data
  • Automate your marketing
  • Personalize your communication
  • Get support for setup and optimization
  • Try the system for free for a month